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Core 4 ElementAs most of you know, I have been trying to get my son set up to hunt this year.  He has been on a church Mission serving in Boston, MA.  He has not really been able to hunt Big game since he lives pretty far from me and sports consumed a lot of his high school years.  Before leaving on his Mission, we were able to go on an elk hunt together .  I have been looking at clothing for myself for years, but I have now turned to getting my son some since he won’t be able to wear my old hand me downs.  So I turned to Core 4 Element and asked the question ‘What would your recommendation be for building a layering system for my son?” Here is their answer:

This is a detail of how we recommend to layer.  You can use this to help build your son a system.  I hope this helps. 

Early season:


No matter what, if the temps are 90 degrees or lower and you have relief from direct sun light I always start off with:

1-Merino 190 Gram 1/4 zip.

There is also a crew and a hoodie but I like the 1/4 zip for venting and controlling my temp.

2-In the morning I put the Assault 1/4 zip over the merino.

3-Then I layer the Mid Mountain vest over the Assault.

Use layer 2 and 3 to control your temp.  If you are really humping in you might drop the vest or the Assault.


If the temps are not getting below 60 degrees I wear the Switchback pant.  If they are dropping below 60 I wear the Highline pant (new 2013)

1-Merino wool 190 pant I wear this for moisture control and it regulate extremely well.  Take this on and off as needed.

2-Switchback or Highline pant depending on temp swings.


Tek cap

Merino Beanie

Wind River glove (new 2013)

In the pack:

No matter what I keep our Torrent Jacket and Elevation Down vest (new 2013) in my pack at all times.  They both pack small and together weigh 22 ounces depending on the size they will fluctuate a little in weight.

Mid season:


1-Merino 190 1/4 zip

2-Assault 1/4 zip

3-Selway vest (new 2013)


1-Merino 190 gram pant

1-Highline pant (new 2013)

In the pack:

1-Torrent rain jacket

2-Elevation jacket (new 2013)


Merino beanie

Stalker beanie

Wind River glove (new 2013)

I layer my beanies the same as my core.  Merino against my head and Stalker over the merino.  Take the stalker off and on to control temps.

Late season:


1: Merino Hybrid 1/4 zip (new 2013)

2: Selway 1/4 zip (new 2013)

3: Selway vest (new 2013)


1:Merino 190 Pant

2:Element Pant

In the pack:

1-Torrent Jkt

2-Torrent Pant

3-Elevation Jkt (new 2013)


Merino Beanie Hybrid (new 2013)

Selway beanie (new 2013)

Wind River glove (new 2013)

Our standard soft shell jacket is the Element Jacket.  It is the rover of the system. I utilize it in all seasons for an exterior jacket as needed.  If you are utilizing your Elevation and Torrent jacket in your pack the way you should be you will lighten your load.  The Element jacket is better if you are in thick lower country that will have a lot of brush and sticks rubbing on you.  The Elevation is extremely lightweight and is more for sheep style hunting where you need lightweight warmth and not going to be beating through he bush as much.  So utilize the Element as you need it.  It is comparable to the Russell Gale jacket you have but much better performance.

The new 2013 product will be available mid June – July.

I have started gathering things for him, I even got some base layers for myself.  If you are looking for a good system for clothing you might want to get these guys a look. I hope to have more info after our hunts this year. So far I am impressed with their customer service and so far, the quality of their clothing meets my approval.  Thank you Core 4 Element for letting me use this in our blog.

Core 4 Element  Go on over and poke around a bit.

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