A Hunters Review; Scott Haugen’s Field Dressing, Skinning and Caping Big Game DVD

Scott Haugen DVD

Author:  The Outdoorsman

While I was at the Washington Sportsmen Show, I was fortunate to meet Scott Haugen, of  ScottHaugen.com.  We got talking about my being a Hunter Education teacher and he gave me a video to watch; Field Dressing, Skinning & Caping Big Game, with Scott Haugen.  He said that he wanted to create a video that was easy to understand and that shows all aspect to taking care of game.  He also wanted new hunters to be able to watch this and use later on their own trophies. I have skinned a few animals in my life time and I always have to remember were to start, so now I’m going to have to pack a small DVD Player and this DVD to watch while I am skinning my next animal. Thanks Scott, now I have to work out harder to carry this extra weight.

Scott has over 40 years of big game hunting experience, is a noted author, speaker and TV Host.  This informative DVD  shows his vast experience and covers the following:

Dorsal Skin & Quartering– I have never seen this method in caping an animal for a lifesize mount.  Awesome for any game animal and Scott show us how to do it with the way the elk came to rest.

Gut, Skin & Quartering- This section has a new way to remove the butt out of a deer. I have never seen it done this way.  Most old timers know this method.  In this section I learn that a deer has another joint in the rear legs ( note to self ).  If you point the animal’s rear downhill, it will form a gap up by the Sternum making it easier to cut in to the body cavity.  No accidently poking the stomach.

Gutless Quartering – This method breaks down the animal without removing the guts. Skinning this deer he is showing how to skin for a shoulder mount, but for us that don’t always shoot big wall hangers, he does explain how to just remove the skin. The method to remove the tenderloins is awesome. If you point the animal’s head downhill, it will form a pocket to start your cut to retrieve the tenderloins without accidently poking the guts.

Hang & Skin (Cape Preparation) – This method shows us how you hang your animal from a meat pole. He shows again the two joints on the rear leg. Here I learned that I do way too much to remove the tail.

Gut & Fillet Quartering – This is the most used gutting method. The Fillet Quartering method is a good way for solo hunters to get meat out. It keeps all other meat intact with the quarters. This means neck meat and forward section of the Back strap is attached to the front quarter. The tenderloins and aft section of the back strap intact with the hind quarter.

Deboning – This method Scott shows how to break down a bear, which peaked my interest (I have never cleaned a bear). I hope to use this method for a bear this year. This method removes the meat from thebones  and can be used for deer like animals. Some Backcountry hunters use this method also, keeps the weight down on the pack out.

Standard Caping (inside-out), Outside-in Caping and Horn Caping tips– Scott shows how to remove the skin off the head. He shows you the ins and outs of these processes and where to take your time. I will throw in here if you are just doing an European mount and not worried about the hide. Still take your time because taxidermist will pay for a good cape.

This was every interesting to watch. I learn a few things, okay, a lot. Scott explains about keeping the meat clean and cool. He also mentions in here that the blood shot should be removed as soon as possible. I learned I do not have to pack a saw with me anymore (which will save some weight since I have to pack a DVD player now). I believe every much in what Scott says about a sharp knife.

If you are looking for a DVD to help you or a new hunter learn about taking care of game in the field (Trophy care also), this DVD is for you. Scott has knocked it out of the park. Game meat taken care of poorly in the field will yield not so favorable meat at the table.

You can purchase Scott’s DVD here at www.ScottHaugen.com  The DVD is $20 and shipping is at no cost to you.  Also please find Scott and Tiffany on Facebook at Scott & Tiffany Haugen – Hunting, Fishing, Cooking

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