New to Trail Cameras…..Still a newbie.

T“When are we considered not being newbies to trail cameras?” I was asked.  This is after going out just a couple of times. My answer was, “next year.” I didn’t realize that it took so much work to prepare and to find spots that nobody will be able to find the cameras to steal. I will mention this later. Then you got to pack the salt and/or mineral licks, making sure that you have a Machete, keys to cable locks, Batteries and SD cards. Oh, why we are on this subject, don’t forget the camera and make sure to have the date and time set correctly.

M2E1L5-16R350B300Off we went to find a place and put out a camera or two. That is what we did, put two cameras out. First camera came out with only pictures of a couple of jokers (that would be us). The next one came up with a few deer and elk pictures; we thought we hit the jack pot. They both soaked for two weeks this trip. So we left the latter in place and picked up the first camera.

We found another place to put a camera in. Might have figure this spot when we found a shed.  So into what we call the hole. Start to put up the camera and put out some minerals.  Looking through my pack, I realized I had forgotten some scent, so back up to the truck.  Then back into the hole to finish up. When we went back to check this camera out it had 3975 pictures (I was thinking this spot is awesome), but I forgot the SD card. I had to go up to the truck again. When I got home it was a picture every minute till the batteries died.  I guess I should have read the instructions, come to find out it has a time lapse feature. Oh crap, I have to go back into the hole and fix the camera, another trip into the hole. My buddy has made two trips in and out, me? Let’s say twice as many as him.P03-019-256-256-256-038h-1102-c10-l046-02-0360-1080-0359-1079-000-LB00-0

Our next few cameras we didn’t not have these kinds of things go wrong. I have been marking waypoints, using my ‘Hunting GPS Maps’ chip. I did delete a waypoint to one camera. Thank god we know what road to get there is. So make sure to take time to do this, wouldn’t want to forget where one is. Pack the machete, so you can clear the little brush that might trigger the sensor.

On a couple of these cameras, we forgot to set the times. One, I set the time and date. When I checked the photos I noticed that it was correct and halfway through it change. Note to self, always check the time and date when you replace the batteries and/or SD card.

If you use the cable locks, do not forget the keys. I have painted on the locks a number; put the same number on the keys. When I make my waypoint, I add the key number. I made my mind up to always carry all the keys with me. Then I will never have to head back to PICT0008the truck to get a key.

I carry all the batteries (some cameras use different types) and SD cards (some cameras use different size) that I could or would use. Same thing as the keys, I don’t want to make too many unnecessary trips…LOL. Wait, it is training for me. A tip, I have written on all the cards which cameras they go to, along with a number. Every camera has two cards (1 and 2), this way when I go into to check camera, I can just replace the card. Then I can bring the used card home and look through them. Delete and get it ready for the next trip in.

Stealing cameras? Why? I don’t see them on the World Wide Web for sale. What do these thieves do with them? You can only have so many cameras (its lots of work to get just six out). If they are going to steal them, they will do whatever they can to get them. I have a friend that they yanked a fence post out to get it. I use they cable locks in hopes to keep them honest, but I know that there are tools they can pack in to cut them. I try to put them on big trees (need to use a chainsaw to cut tree down).

Read the Instructions!!! Also, maybe take them in the back yard and use them for a bit before you take them out a couple of miles. Of course, the ones I practice with last year, I have not set out yet.  I had to set out the other ones to see how they work.

Salt and/or Mineral licks sometimes work and sometimes don’t. I have heard that they only need the Trace Minerals for a little while, I have read till about June. Please don’t quote me; I’m trying to test if this is true. Please pick up your trash….pack it in, pack it out. There are other things out there. Try different things. Also, check your local laws. It is illegal here in Washington to bait bears, turkeys and waterfowl. So if you have a bear coming into your bait, Make sure you don’t shoot him over your bait. Read all laws and if in P03-251-325-256-438-007h-0184-c11-l061-02-0360-1080-0359-1079-000-LB00-0question, contact your Fish and wildlife.

I hope that my mistakes may help you; maybe some of my tips will help you out, do not litter and do not hunt over baits when illegal. Most import, have fun getting pictures and enjoy the outdoors. My you have fun checking these cameras and maybe even find the trophy of a lifetime on it. Oh I forgot, It’s kind of like bottom fishing…..You never know what you have till you lay your eyes on it.

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