Special Application time (Season)

trail camMan it seems like I have been doing is getting ready for hunting season, I have fished a bit. I have been getting rifles modify, I even got a new one (.300 RUM), putting trail cameras out (look for my blog on this) and of course it has been Special application time. I like to use Special App season.  I always put in for Utah, then it was Wyoming and last was Washington.

Utah came around Feb 1. A phone call to my buddy, need to find out if we are hunting the same season and area. I also asked if he didn’t mind me bringing a companion. Yes, my son. This will be an awesome time. Well, the info was sent in and then the wait (which was supposed to be around June 1st). The credit card got two hits as of 5/16/2013.  We are headed to Utah to hunt general buck. Now time to get my son on his first big game animal. This is going to be awesome for me (another blog here). Hope he has fun and it will be great because he is just getting off a mission from Boston. We haven’t had the chance to really communicate for 2 years.

Got a phone call from the same buddy asking if I really wanted to hunt antelope again this year?  Eh, heck yea!! Last time we hunted them was in 2010 and I loved it. So he gave me the info for putting in as a group. It will be him, his two son-in-laws and I. Wyoming is pay up front so money is in their hands.  I now sit and wait. Suppose to draw 5/31/2013. Trust me I keep checking the website, but nothing so far. Please, oh please pick ours!!

washington-department-fish-wildlifeWashington seems to be the one that always gets to me. I have mine, my sons and nephews to make sure they get in. Couple of my friends and I talk about what hunts we are putting in for (why, we razz about which one hunts we will draw and no need for them to put in except for points). I have even helped a Hunter Ed teacher that hasn’t hunted in the state for quite a while. Plus, he has a disability endorsement.  My nephew and I are in. My son will be going just for points this year.  Again, we play the wait game. I’m hoping to know by June 13, but we will see.

The thing with putting in for tags and why I call it a season is because if you get lucky you get drawn. So you scour the regulations for the hunts. You are looking for how many tags they are going to issues and hunt number (at least in Washington). Utah I just check to make sure they didn’t change the hunt number and when the season is. Wyoming, I just filled in my info, the rest was done by my buddy.

But the waiting is what is the killing part, and another reason a season. Utah is almost guaranteed but they have been dropping the number of tags going out. This always adds a little stress to my life. Wyoming it took me 4 years to draw an antelope tag. The wait and not knowing is killing me. Washington is a complete different animal.

Washington, I spend lots of hours going over the hunts. I dream about the moose, Mt goat and sheep tag. Then Deer and Elk is next on line. With all the categories that Washington went to, it gives you the sense that there are more chances to draw….NOT!! Just more money I put out for Washington. Then I have myself and others to figure out hunts for. Trust me they are grateful and hopefully will do the same for me when I can’t.  Then you have the waiting game; when are they going to draw tags, figuring out time off and saving for the hunts. So this is the point we are out. Then finally they start drawing and there is a back way in to watch what is going on. It is unofficial till you get the email or post card in the mail. After all is said and done, most of the time I’m let down. If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all. Wow, this could be more stressful then actually hunting these covert tags.

Hope all get what they put in for and good luck in the draw. Please watch our Facebook page and twitter to see if we drew anything.

Total count as of Tags:

Utah: 2 general buck tags

Wyoming: still waiting

Washington: Still waiting

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