Carp and Pistol Shooting, Walleye, Hike in Fishing…Oh My.

This past weekend a couple of my buddies decided to head over to Moses Lake. The plans were to leave Saturday morning (not too early, but not too late). ‘What are we going to do?’ I asked. It was decided that we would do some hike in fishing, chase some walleye and shoot pistols and carp. The week was about two days from being here.

Saturday morning at 5:30am I need to leave to be at my friends by 6:30. As usual I was 10 minutes early and as he would say my normal arrival time, Early. (Guess that is because my father was in the Navy and he was always early). We loaded up my stuff into the SUV, his nephew hopped in and then off to get the boat and the other friend. Road trip was uneventful except setting more plans to fish/hunt, go over last trips and getting caught up.

We arrived and launched the boat into the lake; it was a milky brown color. We want to go shoot some carp.  Retrieved the bows and extra arrows from the SUV, tossed PFDs (personal floatation device) into boat, started boat and then off to hunt some big old bottom feeders.  In a couple of hours we saw a lot of fish spawning all over. We had a few chances but it has been awhile since I have shot carp, two that never had and the one trying to keep boat straight (which is every tough to do and shoot carp.) We managed to get three fish and now off to have some Pheasant, duck and goose for dinner.

After dinner and dishes are in dishwasher, we decide to go into some ponds created from beavers to fish. These little ponds hold panfish and bass. Perfect little place to walk in, get away from people and catch a few fish for Fish and Chips. Wrong!! It was a nice hike in, since I haven’t been in there for a few years. We managed one bass and two tiny little bluegills (that we tossed back). As we kept trying the different little ponds, we noticed all the empty beer cans, empty worm containers, a BBQ grill, empty chip bags and grocery bags left behind. It was very discouraging that these fishers didn’t respect the land to “pack it out.” Now, add the fact that it was fished out, the ticks and all the mosquitoes; I do not think I will be visiting that place again (what a shame it was a great place for a hike and to fish) and possible they might close it down now.

Sunday morning has just shown through the window and I’m waking up. Today we planned to hit the lake before the wind will pick up. We are headed to the north end to hunt some carp. Well the wind decided to show up early. Fish again are spawning everywhere.  This time it was difficult to keep the boat in position. We decided to just let the wind help drift us through the fish. 9 am was going to be quitting time, but we are having way to much fun releasing arrow after arrow trying to hit these fish. 9:30 we will quit, what about 10? We finished at 10:30 with 11 fish.  We are headed back for some late breakfast and to weight our fish before we plan the next activity.  Total weight for the morning was over 160lbs of fish. Food is now in our bellies and now off to the next little adventure.

This adventure was to go shooting a few pistols. One of the guys wants to next one and he has been looking and shooting different ones to see what he likes, plus his nephew enjoys shooting. This was another eye opening experience for me. The trash that the others left, shooting at concrete blocks and all the broken bottles out there. I would have thought that a cinnamon whiskey was the sponsor for this place or that locals like that whiskey a lot. The pictures I took did not show up well and when the 14 yr nephew pipes up and says, “Why do they leave it messy.”  We finished up, took our targets and some trash and headed back to the lake. Now the fun part we all look forward to, getting things ready to head back to the wet side of the state. After disposing of the fish (please read your laws, lake front owners do not like to see dead carp floating under their docks, in their boat launches or swimming area), boat cleaned up (shooting carp is a messy fun time), everything that we borrowed put away and SUV packed…….Seattle area here we come.

It is always fun to go over there with little different activities to accomplish. We never got to fish for walleye, the hike in was a bust and we still managed to have fun and get burnt. Again I have learned why I have stated my FB page and this blog: maybe reach out and get the word out that the trash left behind will only close the places you like to visit. There will be no shooting anymore, you’ll have to join a club and whiskey bottles are not targets, respect the land and most important be responsible (do you leave your parents house a mess when you leave?). It was a fun trip had by all, it was friendships renewed and couple of first for a few, learning experience for all and most important we want to do it again.

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