Thought of the Day.

As I sit here and think about my last year’s hunts and some of the medical problems I was having at the time….I look over the effect it had on a couple of my hunts. With my history, two heart attacks, I will never be a back country hunter like Cameron Hanes. My heart does not function like it use to, in fact it has a black spot on it form where it has died. Thank God, not as big as it is was. Climbing the steep mountains in Utah are a killer,but I don’t have the will to quit hunting. I love it, being in the woods, seeing the wildlife and hanging with good friends.

I  ponder what I can do to elevate my game. I cannot run marathons, hike into the wilderness areas (high elevations) and worst of all, I can’t work out real hard like I use to.  But, I do go on hikes, I do lots of cardio and workout.  I ran in the Warrior Dash last year and will be doing it again this year.  I try to keep my heart rate to what the Doctor has ordered and that is about 135-140. I will be ready for what comes at me, but I know my limits.

With these limits I know that I as a hunter/conservatoires, I owe this to the animals I hunt and to myself.  I do not want to waste meat because I can not finish packing it out. I do not want to shoot an animal that I can not retrieve. Most important I owe it to my friends and family to make it back in one piece. Do your part to get into shape, we owe it to us and the animals we hunt.

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