Thrill killing, why? What for? And who does this?

As a young boy, I use to catch frogs, lizards, turtles and snakes.  As my mother, may she rest in peace, would say, it was my passion and it was very hard to keep track of me.  She had two guidelines for me, one, was to not be gone all day and two, at the end of the reptilesday I had to let all the creatures go so they could go back to their families.  There were many days I  bawled my eyes out.  They were the guidelines and don’t think about changing her mind…..puppy dog eyes did not help.

As I got into hunting, dad would tell us about how they had to split up a box of shotgun shells between him and his brothers.  He also tells a story about a robin he shot with a brand new bow, even after Grandpa told him not to.  Well, grandpa found out and broke the bow.  They hunted for food.  He still comes to my place and wonders why I have antlers on the wall and says he does not understand the trophy part.

I LOVE TO SHOOT ANIMALS….not only with a bow/rifle but with a camera.  I enjoy seeing them in their habitat.  I love to just drive around and look for them.  I would take my kids out just to see them.  We went on long drives, and made it a contest, who could find the most wild creatures and name them.

I love to hunt them also, there is nothing like chasing a worthy opponent in their own habitat.  I cannot understand the urge to just kill something.  Shooting bald eagles (which was the post that got me thinking), the bored hunter shooting birds for no reason, target practice on a deer/elk and the poacher just shooting for the rack seems to be what hunting is coming too.  The other thing Istop-sign-with-bullet-holes1 want to point out here is about the gun crazy drunk shooting signs most likely from a car.  I have never once thought a sign would be fun to hunt or to eat.  Have you tasted a Stop Sign?  What fun it is to hunt, they just don’t move….lol.

When I do hunt and get lucky in the partaking of game (which I think is the bonus of the day), I show respect to the game.  I first make sure it is dead, than notch my tag.  I say a few words to the man upstairs for sharing his wild creature with me.  I admire it by taking pictures and telling the story or reliving it with my hunting buddies.  Then of course, the meat care is done with care and shared with friends and family.   Doe, buck or real big buck…they are all trophies and I can retell the story over and over.  It can be a learning experience for my kids or Hunter Education.

What happened to showing some respect not only to the wild creatures, but to non/hunters and gun owners.  Did some of these hunters, not get taught at an early age to be respectful by their elders?  Hunting is a privilege not a right, unless you are Native American.  If my mother saw me acting like this she would slap the crap out of me and take my guns from me.  Then I would have to sit in the corner and wait for dad to bring his punishment and I’m in my late 40’s, forget about the game police.

elkbonesPlease do your part, pass this on to family, friends, neighbors, landowners, sporting clubs and hunting partners that this is unethical (disrespectful to game, non/hunters). It is the fastest way to get PETA to want to close all hunting.  It is also poaching, wasting of game meat and it is merciless.  Make sure you turn in those that you see doing this or know if someone is doing this.  They are hurting your privilege to hunt.


Take pride in being ethical and responsible.  We owe it to the animals and non/hunters.

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