Heart Healthy workout for hunters

Hunting season is over and cabin fever is setting in. I have put in for Utah deer for my son and I, getting test loads for a couple of rifles, teaching hunter education and going through my gear to make sure it is ready for next season. But the big thing I’m doing is getting my body ready for hunting season.

photo (1)I have had two heart attacks and the doctor has order exercise. So as important a workout is for my heart, I have adapted it to my hunting. I cannot lift heavy and/or run miles like most hunters are doing these days, my heart can’t handle it. So, I concentrate on the cardio side of it. Since we all know that the mountains will wear you out. I do lift a bit and work on my core which helps out there also. I’m writing this to help the hunters that might have heart problems and/or other health issues, become familiar with working out to help them out in the woods. I have not found too many things out there to help us out. We will never be the backcountry/solo hunter that is out there, but we should be able to enjoy the woods, by being fit, just as much as they do.

Please remember that we have a responsibility to the land, animals and more importantly ourselves. Please before you start any workout program verify with your doctor that you can perform these exercises. Remember form is important as not to cause injuries, breathe through all exercises (holding your breath will increase you blood pressure). Be careful not to rush through the sets and take about 30-60 sec to rest between sets. Slow movements and concentrate on the muscle being worked. Start off slow and remember these are only suggestions.


  • 25-30 mins of Stair Climber since I will be hiking the mountains.
  • 3X 15-20 bench press
  • 3X 15-20 Seated rows
  • 3X 15-20 Seated lateral raises
  • 3X 15-20 Dumbbell curls
  • 3X 15-20 Tricep extensions
  • 3x 15-20 Leg presses
  • 20-30 mins of elliptical.

Tuesday:antelope 021

  • 25-30 mins of Stair Climber.
  • 3X 15-20 V-situps
  • 3X 15-20 Back Bridge, hold for 5 count.
  • 3X 15-20 Oblique twist
  • 3X 15-20 Supermans, hold for 5 count
  • 3X Plank Exercise hole for 20-45 sec.
  • 20-30 mins on elliptical


  • 5 min on the treadmill as warm up.
  • 1 hour of changing speed and incline. I’m trying to run a bit on it.
  • 5 min cool down.


  • 25-30 min of Stair Climber since.
  • 3X 15-20 Flyes
  • 3X 15-20 Seated pulldowns
  • 3X 15-20 Shoulder press
  • 3X 15-20 Barbell Curls
  • 3X 15-20 Behind the head tricep extensionse699c6ac0c7fea03f9b1052a64005254
  • 2x 15-20 Leg extensions
  • 2X 15-20 Leg curls
  • 20-30 mins of elliptical.


  • Same as Tuesday.

Saturday and Sunday.

  • Hour of cardio. Hiking, treadmill depends on the weather.

It is always good to have inspiration to get through the workouts; I just keep telling myself this is important to a healthy heart and the mountains will become easier. Take your time don’t rush through the workouts. Be careful of injuries and make it fun so that you keep going. Change things for your needs and insure that you will stay going. If you need help with these exercises you can find them on the web and don’t be afraid to ask one of the trainers.

Remember, we have a responsibility to ourselves! So we can hunt another day, pack our animals out and enjoy life with our family.

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