What ammo should you carry?

Every year I hear these stories; this ammo was cheaper, I sent my buddy to get me more ammo, it said 7mm, and my favorite it fits in the gun.headstamp If you own the gun you should know what it shoots. I seen a guy come out with a new rifle that he bought at a very well know Mart and they sold him the wrong ammo, but he didn’t know it wouldn’t fit.

I have seen a .308 Win cartridge shot out of a .30-06, 13 times to be exact. Thank god someone next to him noticed that the 13th shot sounded funny, because he was loading another one right behind. The bullet lodged in the barrel and one of the range officers stopped him and looked at his brass (looked like it came out of a revolver, it was almost completely straight walled). At my rifle range when we open it up to the public, we only allow one cartridge to be loaded at a time.

P2210013_edited-599I have seen a .300 Win Mag cartridge shot in a .300 Weatherby, and hit an 10 inch steel plate at about 200yrds. Not sure how many times but when I picked up the brass and saw that tiny neck, I knew something wasn’t right. Why don’t people look at the barrel and match up the ammo (head stamp).

I shot some reloads from my neighbor that said to try them out. The head stamp said  45 ACP and I loaded them in the mag for my 45 ACP. Aimed at the target and the first three went off. 4th one made a little burp, creating enough pressure to cycle the slide, loading another cartridge right behind the lodged bullet. Lucky I knew something was wrong and cleared the firearm. I learned that I will never shoot reloads from someone that got them from a John Doe, they will have to be trusting friends. But on the same note, I could reload my cartridges and forget to drop powder in one of them.

All this becomes very serious if you blow the gun up. What if you have your kid shooting it, what about the guy next to you at the range andmuzzle_4jpg-tfb most important your safety?

What about the hunting side, you have the duck hunter that carries lead in his vest (known or unknown).  Might be a lot safer, but still a ticket waiting to be written (in Washington you can only use steel shot to hunt ducks. If you are hunting both ducks FP_Shotshell_ColorCodeand pheasants, you better be carrying steel shot).

The fathers carrying his sons’ 20 gauge shells, while the father is hunting with a 12 gauge. The deer hunters that hunt with friends that carry 270 win and 30-06.  Now these are accident waiting to happen. Important thing here is to carry your own ammo for the firearm you are hunting with.

Pay attention to details, learn all you can about this shooting world we have, pass the knowledge on and practice safe handling. If you are new to this world, please seek out a class and/or someone that is trust worthy and knows about firearms.  Be responsible and ethical and as I always say ‘teach them right’.

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