Father’s Day Story #1

My father served in the Navy for over 22 years. I remember when we moved to Texas (Flour Bluff). On the base, they had a fishing pier. I remember dad going out and getting us a couple of those kid fishing rods that broke in half at the reel. We didn’t have the cool Spiderman ones back in my day or I would have been all over that. We use them to catch sea trout, flounders, red fish and croaker (a red fish with out the spot on tail and they croaked).

One day dad came out to fish with us and he caught a big sea trout. The little fishing rod was bent as far over as it would go with out breaking. The reel screaming as it tried to haul that fighting fish in. If I remember correctly, the next day dad took us to the Navy Exchange and we bought our first combo fishing rod and reel set. As long as I can remember we used them for trout in Cali and I think they even caught a few fish in this state. I think my son used it also for a few years.

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